Canon Interview: ‘We don’t see the smartphone as an enemy’

I lot of really good pro photographers working today totally disagree with you. For example, watch this interview by the great David Allen Harvey:

(jump to 1:30 in the video where he talks about shooting with his iPhone). Likewise, other pro photogs that I admire, such as Zack Arias, Jim Richardson, etc. all talk enthusiastically about shooting great photos with their iPhones. Here’s Jim Richardson’s Instagram gallery, mostly shot with his iPhone:

The reality is that today’s smartphones produce very good quality, and it’s a very good exercise to get good at shooting great images with these devices because it’s really photography at its purist: a single focal length, a composition, the light, and shoot!

Another collection of images worth looking at:

The 100 Best iPhone Photos of 2013

Still think a smartphone isn’t a “real camera”? Well, the problem is really in your head.

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