Canon PowerShot G16 First Impressions Review

This looks like a nice camera, and it will probably be a perfect choice for some.

But personally I don’t find any compelling reason to select one of these over it’s rivals. The RX100 is smaller and has better IQ. The LX7 is smaller and cheaper. The EPM2 has much better IQ and you can swap lenses. The Nikon 1 is even a better choice, as far as I am concerned.

I just find it too big, too expensive, and too limited in what it can do. However, I feel the G1 X is a very compelling camera, due to the much larger sensor.

The Canon G series are still nice cameras, that seem to everything fairly wekll, but they are pretty much like your father’s Oldsmobile. However, for many people this will still be the perfect camera.

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