Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II real-world gallery

I like Jeff’s samples too, because 1) there’s a point to them (purple fringing tunnel, detail in ChinaTown, etc.), and 2) they’re (mostly) shot on sunny days, which is what I (and I suspect most of us) do too.

These samples look good. I don’t see a lot of D.R. advantage to the larger sensor, to be honest. Areas that I would expect to be blown out on a smaller sensor camera are blown out on this camera. The ISO 3200 portrait is a nice result. C.A. is corrected in all images, but you can see a few halos here and there, no biggie. Also, the corners are slightly degraded on wide angle, but don’t look too bad.

This is a nice camera, but IMHO it’s J.A.C. (just another camera). Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Most of my cameras fit that description. But it’s not a distinctive product. It seems like it could almost be sold without a Canon badge, just a black and white bar code.

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