Canon to add 25fps 4K video recording to EOS-1D C pro DSLR


Canon has announced an upcoming service update to its EOS-1D C professional DSLR that will add 25 fps 4K video recording. The camera currently captures 4096 x 2160p resolution videos at up to 24p without downscaling, from an APS-H crop of its 18MP full-frame sensor. In a service advisory, the company promises more information about this update in April 2013 for US EOS-ID C owners. There is currently no information on the European website.

Read the full product advisory on the Canon USA website.



Will I be able to instagram my dick pics at 4k with this upgrade?

hugh crawford

What use is 4K at 25fps ? Just curious.

As far as I know there is no display standard for 4K 25fps and 4K is a ciniema production standard for movie theaters

It’s not like they have a 4K at 30fps option either.


Remind me again how much this camera is? $12,000 ? Ah OK, never mind.


Really needed this to take more self and food portraits for my facebook account <3


This won’t bother too many of us, will it? 😛


I am glad they are offering this update, but I am shocked they didn’t think about 50hz ahead of time on a product this high end.


What makes you think it’s just that easy? There are significant hardware needs to handle that sort of datastream.

I assure you this wasn’t done as an afterthought and a great deal of work went into the camera ahead of time just to make this possible.


The fact that they didn’t include a 25fps option, but did including 24fps means they totally forget about the whole 50hz and PAL market.

The fact that they already have a fix means it isn’t a giant feat of engineering.

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