Canon to move camera production back to Japan

@eddaweaver: it wouldn’t take much to fix the anti-Japanese fervour.

Follow the example set by the Germans: let your population, and the world, know the worst of what you’ve done. Take the worst input to heart. Put it in textbooks. Make sure your population are fed documentary, to public forum, TV, that explores foreign opinion on what you have done.

Japan still enshrines the deeds of class-a war criminals. They claim it a national right/rite. It incites anti-Japanese fervour by constantly demeaning China and Korea, by erasing history, by closing exhibitions that shed light on the truth.

If you make no effort to mend the past, you will never leave it behind, nor will you learn from it. Chinese antagonism is overwrought, but it is firmly, and truthfully placed. Quite literally, Japan has gotten away with murder, and will reap all the problems inherent in having done so.

There is no place for them to complain now.

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