Canon videos showcase 70D’s innovative AF system

Ilarious, very, very ilarious, are you american, for sure.
Seems like the tradional “Pizza napoletana”, the only Pizza in the world, and it’s a “Margherita”; tomatoes, ONLY italian mozzarella, “fior di latte” or “Mozzarella di bufala campana”, and not american “mozzarella”, basilico, oil, and ONLY italian “extra vergine di oliva”, and not american motor oli…And the border of neapolitan Pizza MUST BE BROAD, NOT SMALL.
Americans……Ahh…And very very very very important, ONLY wood cooker, not electric.
Or you think that the orrific, artificial american pizza is pizza??
Mó gli ammeriggani si mettono pure a pontificare sulla Pizza, pazzesco…Ma magnatevi i vostri squallidi hot dog e non mischiate il sacro col profano…Pizza vuol dire secoli, millenni, di storia!

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