Canon warns about dangers of counterfeit camera gear

If 4 of these have the same life as one Canon flash, then maybe Canon has a point. For most users who aren’t shooting commercially, the knock off flash will live just fine. If I paid full Canon price for the knock off I’d be angry, but if I knowingly bought the knockoff for a discount, understanding the tradeoff I’d made, then I just made a choice. Canon wants to protect its market, we want to spend less. Ultimately, if the knock off is good enough, it puts Canon at a disadvantage and Canon has to lower their price to compete. I can live with that too. Ironically, articles like this – if properly translated, make the next gen of knockoffs harder to spot… Please understand I’m not arguing the morality of this, Canon has intellectual property rights, and their advertising budget helps sell credible knockoffs, based on Canon’s popularity. I’m just watching from the sidelines. I have some Canon flashes, and I have some off brand flashes, according to my needs.

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