Capture One Pro 8 software review

Thanks for your input, but judging by the number of “Likes” to my original suggestion, it looks like you are outgunned by a large margin 🙂


Now, generally, there is always a learning curve when we try to use new software that has extensive capabilities.
So I do understand the reluctance for some to abandon their comfort zone.
I understand that comfort zone very well because I absolutely hate Photoshop, as well as Lightroom, no matter how good people think they are; that’s because I have been using Paint Shop Pro since its first DOS version back in 1989 (to the best of my recollection), long before most people even thought about digital cameras.

I need more YAY sayers, please, Click “Like” on the original post, above, if you support the request.

If you are sticking with what you have, regardless, it’s fine, enjoy it, but please allow others to speak out.

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