Casio Japan introduces Exilim EX-ZR3000 and EX-ZR60

Well, it’s better than nothing, althought DPR has missed some announcements more interesting than those 2 models, the EX-ZR3500 cited here but that is not only available in Chia, but in most Asian countries, and most importantly, the EX-100 series: the EX-100, EX-100Pro and the just announced EX-100F, a High Speed premium compact with a 28-300 mm equivalent 2.8 constant aperture lens, much more portable than the Stylus 1 with similar o same lens.
No mention either on the EX-ZR850, a best seller in the Casio camera range.
And with its multiple High Speed and fast response features, it’s hard to find a more fun camera.

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