Chicago-based Calumet Photographic closes U.S. stores

Vistek, especially, is great. (Except that I’m not sure that the bottom floor makes the same kind of sense today as it did in the Acetate Era, when consumables like film, paper and chemistry were the most likely reason to go there.) It’s incredibly handy to have a place you can go this morning to pick up some weird grip stuff you need for this afternoon’s shoot, and to have staff that knows how to solve a problem that, left to your own devices, you’d go about trying to solve the hard way. The camera/lens selection and stock is secondary (though pretty comprehensive); any place that will let you spend half an hour doing interpretive dance with their display tripods trying to figure out which one suits you best (folding, setting up, testing sturdiness and stability, etc.) is the *right* kind of place for me.

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