Citizen Finetech Miyota creates 3.69m dot equivalent EVF


Citizen Finetech Miyota has developed an LCD panel for electronic viewfinders of digital cameras its claiming is the highest resolution available. It offers a 1280×960 pixel display (equivalent to 3.69 million dots). This exceeds the 2.36m dot (1024 x 768 pixel) resolution of the current Sony OLED and Epson LCD units. It uses a field-sequential design, showing red, green and blue information in sequence rather than being able to show them all at the same time, but the panels 120Hz design should avoid color breakup (tearing) the company says. The panel will enter mass produced in summer 2013.



This is great – that much closer to glasses with 1080p! As with most things it probably uses less energy than the last version (although the electronics to drive it have to do more work). The EVF used in Sony SLR’s and the mirrorless solutions can always use more resolution as long as the color is high quality and the refresh is good!


Great. Just what we need… a new technology allowing even-smaller viewfinders. Hey, camera makers! We baby boomers, the only segment left with some savings, have poor eyesight! All the pixels in the world can’t help if the display device is physically very small…


They are speaking of resolution not the size of the EVF. Its also not a new technology, its good old LCD panel.


Yikes…I wonder how much more power this thing will consume, refreshing at 120hz and using LCD not OLED panels.

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