Close Encounters: Will Burrard-Lucas’ wildlife photography

Impressive work. However, I wasn’t impressed by the motion sensor he talks about in the video at his WWW site. There are vastly superior ways to automatically trigger a camera from live view data — especially using Canons that can run ML inside. For cameras like the Sony A7S, which don’t allow user-written code to run in the camera, you can still do scripted control using wifi remote control with a laptop examining the camera’s live view.

For a camera trap, I’d definitely use Canon PowerShots running a CHDK script for intelligent control using motion detection. They’re cheap (expendable), tiny (easily hidden or mounted in ROVs — remotely operated vehicles), and they are nearly silent thanks to their leaf shutters (so you might get several shots before scaring critters away). IQ is lousy in dim non-flash lighting, but it’s actually pretty good in good lighting, and HDR bracketing of the surroundings could fill-in the DR for the inanimate part of the scene.

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