Colorado proposes bill supporting photographers who record police

Actually there is no constitutional right to shoot pictures of cops. There weren’t cameras yet when the constitution was written, which helps to explain this.

Therefore because there is no explicit “right to record” or “right to measure” etc., people have tried to say that taking pictures falls under freedom of speech or the press, even though it’s not speech, and it’s not the press.

Neither what you can say with your mouth, nor what you can say in printed words, are limited by not being allowed to photograph something.

What I have seen happen here in Portland is, there is this one jerk and his friend who game the system. Person A pretends to be suicidal and claims to have a gun (but does not show it). Inevitably the cops get called. Then the Person B shows up with a video camera and tries to get all up in the cops’ faces and film the suicidal guy. The cops, being afraid that getting filmed will trigger the person to blow their head off, tell the guy with the camera to leave, but can’t force him to, because they must attend to the suicidal guy. Inevitably then an employee of the place (transit authority member like a bus driver, or a library staff, etc.) will tell him he must stop filming. Then he claims his rights are infringed and sues them, and secretly splits the settlement with his “suicidal” friend (and they probably go buy more heroin or whatever).

This is the kind of BS that these people do. They are just random idiots with a camera and they think that therefore God gave them the right to interfere in a crime scene or a police interaction. They are NOT members of the press nor do they even have any intention of publishing their photos in the press, half the time. No, they are just vigilante self-appointed “watchdogs” who have not been shown to be the least bit effective in curbing police corruption.

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