Coming soon, DPReview LIVE!

A little bit dry, but I like both suggestions.

Maybe a person to cut to with photography tips while the other talking heads take a break?

Composition especially. There are a lot of very well equipped people here who still make very foolish beginner composition mistakes, chopping off hands, subject too small in the center of the frame and unbalanced, untidy framing with little visual interest.

Finding good light.

Speaking of – lighting too? I don’t know if you’re going to have enough time, but some speedlight education ala Mike Wallace would be awesome too. All we ever talk about is cameras. Sell some flash guns and light modifiers too. My speedlight collection costs more than a (gah!) Df. 😉

Edit: oh and post processing tips too. Maybe with Raw vs JPEG shooting and white balance and monitor calibration discussions thrown in.

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