Compare present day ‘retakes’ of U.S. National Parks to 1930’s originals

but man only changes his tools, not his brain. We still believe in the same crap, like GOD and similar bullsh.., we kill for the same reasons, we hate for the same differences to ourselves. On the end, the more we change the more we stay the same, all we do as a change, is go faster. We displace 20 times faster than once, we learn in one life what ancients needed 10 lifes for, we get the information in one day that asked you 10 days before, we kill in one push of a button the people we killed in 10 wars in ancient times, messages are instantly, need no 20 days anymore to be carried, and so on. But, do not forget, the faster we run, the earlier we reach the end. Even nature runs faster, by every rise of CO2 levels by nature, not by humans.

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