Congratulations John F Walsh, Jr. PFRE Photographer of Month For April

JohnWalshThe PFRE jury has voted John F Walsh, Jr. of St. Paul, MN the PFRE photographer for April. John’s winning master bedroom photograph is on the right. Click on it for a full size image.

Here is the voting results:

  1. John Walsh – 35
  2. Landon Acohido – 21
  3. Jason Roehner – 16
  4. Luke Phillips – 5
  5. Matt Van Emmerik – 5
  6. Frank Breslin – 3
  7. Anders Carlson – 3
  8. Anna Wilshire – 2

John’s comments about this photo are:

I shoot for a lot of real estate agents in the Twin Cities area and also for a local staging company called Set To Show.  I shoot all the staging jobs they do for real estate agents, and they give the agents  the pictures to use in MLS and their other marketing as part of their service.  This, of course, makes my job a bit easier.

I used a light on a stand camera right, and I held another hand held light camera left.  The lights were facing into the wall and ceiling.  The lights were SB-80s at ½ power.

I use a Nikon D7000 with a Tokina 12-24mm f/4.  I’ve bought and read Scott Hargis’ book and read your blog weekly.

I usually use Lightroom highlight shadow sliders, for shots like this, but I was lucky that the day was overcast, and the outside light wasn’t overwhelming.

I’m leaving all the photos up in the contest flickr group so everyone can see and comment on the photos for the rest of April. I’ve also put names on all the photos in the contest flickr group and the number of points that the jury awarded to each. Thanks everyone for all the educational comments and participation!

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