Congratulations Kate Benjamin PFRE Photographer Of The Month March 2014

RyanWicksWow, that was a hard job deciding on a winner. Seventy-seven photos and a bunch of good ones. PFRE jury has chosen Kate Benjamin of Detroit, MI as the PFRE photographer of the month. To the right is Kate’s winning photo. Click on it to view larger.

Don’t be discouraged if you got just a few points in this contest! As I told one contestant a while ago, if you got points in this contest you in the top few percent of shooters on the planet!

We set a lot of new contest records this month. Here is the jury’s voting results:

  1. 24 pts #58, Kate Benjamin, Detroit, MI
  2. 21 pts #34, Ilona Berzups – Seattle, WA
  3. 20 pts #30, Matt Harrer – St. Louis, MO
  4. 18 pts #42, Brian Doherty – Boston, MA
  5. 15 pts #44, Tim Krueger – Orange County, CA
  6. 13 pts #61, Robert Holowka – Toronto, ON
  7. 9 pts #10, Tony Colangelo – Victoria, BC
  8. 7 pts #73, Travis Rowan – Maui, HI
  9. 6 pts #77, Joe Hawes – Orinda, CA
  10. 5 pts #75, Robert Ekins – Sydney, AU
  11. 5 pts #51, Niall Hastie – Aberdeen, Scotland
  12. 4 pts #50, Randy Henderson – Ozark, MO
  13. 4 pts #6, Sebastian Erras – Paris, FR
  14. 3 pts #17, Adrian Jones – Cape Town, South Africa
  15. 2 pts #8, Ron Putnam – Chico, CA
  16. 2 pts #45, Kerry Bern – Ames, IA
  17. 2 pts #54, Tihomir Fabijanov – Croatia

Kate is sending me some info on her photo tomorrow. I’ll add it to this post as soon as I get it. Also, I’ll add the names to the photos in the flickr pool tomorrow. This contest has worn me out, I’m going to bed.

There are some rule refinements I need to announce:

We had several instances this month of comment misuse that I’m not going to allow in the future. Two, instances involve entrants trying to use comments in the flickr contest forum to influence the jurors. One entrant made comments praising their own entry and another entrant reportedly was soliciting positive comments on FaceBook. Neither of these are in the spirit this contest is intended. Comments in this contest are intended to be to increase the learning experience of everyone involved. In the future, I’m going to delete any comments that are in my judgement inappropriate and I’m going do disqualify any entrant that promotes their own photo in any way. That includes favoriting.

Because of this comment abuse some of the jurors suggested that we not allow comments before the voting is complete. We took a vote of the jurors on the subject of disallowing comments before voting and two-thirds of the jurors voted to keep the commenting as it is and just be stricter in curbing abuse. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll change the Contest rules to reflect this new policy.

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