Congratulations Tony Colangelo PFRE Photographer Of The Month For August 2013


The PFRE jury has voted Tony Coangelo of Victoria, BC the PFRE photographer for August. Tony’s winning photograph is on the right. Click on it to view a full size image.

Here are the voting results:

  1. Tony Colangelo – 24
  2. Cal Mitchener – 20
  3. Jared Saulnier – 11
  4. Conrad Rowe – 10
  5. Saul Goodwin – 5
  6. Sebastian Erras – 5
  7. Andrew Mott – 4
  8. Michael Yearout – 3
  9. Greg Izquierdo – 3
  10. Kai Caemmerer – 3
  11. Nick De Clercq – 2

Here are Tony’s comments on is winning photo:

Before I describe my photo, I want to take a moment to thank a few people within the PFRE community. First and foremost, a special thanks to Larry Lohman for his devotion to the site and his ongoing commitment to help us improve our craft. Thank you for all that you do, Larry! I also want to thank the MANY photographers who participate regularly in the PFRE Discussion Group — we are all fortunate to have such a tremendous forum! While there are way too many people on the site to mention, whose work and advice I value, a few come to mind who, unbeknownst to them, have contributed mightily to my development – namely, Scott DuBose, Wayne Capilli, Jason Roehner, Kerry Bern, Kate Benjamin and Julie Mannell. And finally, a special shout out to my unofficial mentors, Scott Hargis and Iran Watson. I watch Scott’s videos regularly and have his comments (and his critiques of my previous contest submissions!) ringing in my head at every shoot! :-) I am so impressed that, despite his international obligations, he makes the time to give us his feedback! And I regularly visit Iran’s remarkable website galleries to draw inspiration. Thank you both!

As for the photo, it came about rather oddly. Early last month, I decided that I wanted to improve my exteriors gallery on my website. So, rather than hope that the next job that I got from a realtor would give me a great looking house, I got in my car one night and drove around one of the nicer neighborhoods in town. I saw this particular house and loved it. So, I knocked on the door, introduced myself and then described my wish to photograph their home! The homeowners were flattered and said “yes” and that’s how I got the good fortune of shooting this gorgeous home!

The shot was captured with a Canon 60D + Sigma 10-20 at 15mm (24mm full-frame equivalent ), at 1/160 at 100ISO. There was lots of time spent waiting for the clouds to move in front of the sun to the point of getting the diffusion that I wanted. Given that the driveway sloped downward quite a bit, I wanted to get some elevation, so I brought my ladder and took the shot perched at the top. I used ColorEfex Pro4 to improve contrast and slightly enhance details and then Photoshop to punch up saturation of the front door and the small tree and plants at the front of the house. Unfortunately, I had to spend a big chunk of time removing the childrens’ chalk drawings that covered the driveway from top-to-bottom!


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