CP+ 2013 – Micro Four Thirds lenses from Tamron and Olympus

Yes; but the advances have not been in better value, nor better overall quality in combination. Since the whole point is pictures, we all need to step back, and think. Plus, saying that quality will naturally cost more (agreed) does not validate 1000% more, for overall less. We need primes, especially for more cropped sensors, and at a better quality/value, than even Nikkor ones.

APS-C is needed. MFT, should be the best ultra-zoomer sensor.

Still, I hope something mirror-less will progress in leaps, not tiny increments; such as hybrid phase/contrast focus, and with hybrid optical/EVF combination. Perhaps the next renditions of the M5; but the makers do not always progress.

This is all up to what you buy. There’s a lot of talk about sales being half what they were, and every reason for that, except that photographers are waiting for makers to produce something truly better, in total balance, and at non-ludicrous prices. After all, its just a camera, and we *can* drop it.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/01/31/CP-plus-2013-micro-four-thirds-lenses-from-tamron-and-olympus