Creators of Raspberry Pi computer announce $25 camera module


The makers of Raspberry Pi – the popular low-cost computer – have announced the development of a new camera module, expected to cost $25. Since the first version of Raspberry Pi was released early last year, more than half a million of the low-cost boards have been sold to eager enthusiasts all over the world. The low cost of the Pi means that it has enormous potential in education, but experienced ‘homebrew’ computer enthusiasts have also embraced the credit card-sized computer, putting it to use doing everything from running video games to powering a voice-activated coffee machine (yes, really).

The forthcoming $25 camera module for the low-cost Raspberry Pi computer could open up new possibilities for students and homebrew computer enthusiasts alike. 

Details on the forthcoming camera module are vague, but it is expected to offer at least 5MP resolution and the ability to capture HD video, and will almost certainly use this BSI-CMOS sensor from OmniVision. According to a short article on, proposed applications include robotics, home automation and ‘aerial applications where potential crashes favor low-cost solutions’. Well quite…

What would you create with a credit card-sized computer and camera module? Let us know in the comments (and keep it clean).   




I’d rather the BeagleBone, I’m sure a CameraCape is under development. The RPi is too “closed” for my liking.

John Szeto

They combined several hundred cell phones cameras to make a super resolution spy camera for the drone aircraft. Maybe ten of these cheap $25 cameras can be combined to make a high resolution unit for home use?


I would mount it somewhere surreptitiously to catch bike thefts at my college.


I hope the optics won’t be glued to the chip as a single module… I can imagine interesting projects for macro photography, digitizing 8mm film, etc…


If its not a FF Leica with faster than f1.4 lenses it is crap and should be destroyed
How dare the unwashed masses think they can compose and capture images! Savages!


Will be funny to hear the purists tear this down. I think it’s a great idea.

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