D600 – My (repair) experience

Hello, long time forum reader, first time poster. (Usual story i know)

POST DISCLAIMER: Im not trying to start any further nikon QC arguments or such, simply posting my own personal experience since purchasing a D600. If my post is of no interest to yourself thats fine, however i do believe some owners/potential owners may be, hence me bothering to post.

I purchased the camera 05/01/13 from a retail store here in Perth, Australia. The camera was a new body, not a refurb and has the serial number 801XXXX. I was aware of the common dust issues associated and reported by D600 users prior to my purchase (albeit I didn’t realize the extent to which some individuals cameras have been affected) so i took the ‘standard’ F16 blue sky test within the first 20 clicks on the camera. Few specks, upper left, as expected. At this point i must mention that i have upgraded to FF format with this body and have only equipped the 50 1.4G to the camera since new.

I enjoy taking time lapse sequences which meant i clocked up 4500 clicks on the camera quite quickly (between purchase and about 2 weeks ago). At this point i had accumulated enough debris that i decided to take the camera body for its first clean at my official Nikon service center (Hartland Camera Perth). This is a couple of streets away so it was no big issue. The lady initially said that sensor cleaning was not covered under warranty and i would be charged. However she then quickly asked what camera model I was using and once she learned it was a D600 she said that my first clean has been deemed as complimentary from Nikon.

Camera was cleaned and returned to me on the same day, took it home couldn’t resist a quick F16 sky photo. All perfect, great. I was hoping that at this point dust would now accumulate much slower than it had initially. I took the camera out with me that same day and snapped roughly 50 shots, after this many photo i had one ‘large’ black irregularly shaped solid mark on my photos visible even at wide apertures (5.6). This mark was close to the upper left corner.

Next day I headed back down to the same service center, explained the new problem and was told they will investigate and contact me. Later the same afternoon the lady called and quized me quickly on how i had been using the camera, how many lens swaps, any self cleaning ect… which to this day I have only placed the one lens on it since new (50mm 1.4G) and never attempted a self clean, not even a rocket blow. She then continued on to inform me that there had been damage to the shutter mechanism. She was unable to give any further information beyond this.

Exactly one week later i have recieved my camera back. The repair reciept reads as following:

– Performed mirror box and sensor clean, checked and tested

– Dismantled

– Fit new shutter

– Adjusted Reassembled

– Checked and tested.

This was only several hours ago that i have brought it home. I couldnt resist the quick f16 sky snap and at the moment all is perfect… however my fingers and toes are both crossed!

I’m highly interested to know if the new shutter will continue to produce the same debris issues, I will likely be taking some snaps this evening and over the weekend so i will soon find out I guess. I will post any further developments or progress for those interested.

NOTE: I have the original images including the f16 snaps from new, 4500 clicks and when I developed the large debris on my sensor however i am unsure where to upload them? if someone can let me know the preferred hosting site it would be greatly appreciated!

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