David East: Stills photography with a GoPro


South Africa-based filmmaker David East uses a GoPro camera for his video work, but has started to use it for stills as well. Although not as technically sound as images taken on a dedicated stills camera, there’s an evocative, slightly dreamlike quality to his work, taken using an 11MP GoPro HD HERO2, which we really like.

Photo: David East

The HD HERO2 is capable of 1080p video at 30 fps, and can shoot up to 60fps at 720p resolution. Its max-res 11MP stills are 3840×2880. It offers a 170-degree view of the world, and its lightweight, tough construction has made it – and other cameras of its type – popular with fans of extreme sports all over the world. Many of the people who shoot with cameras like this might never think to take a still photograph, but as David East demonstrates, you can get interesting results.

Photo: David East

In a quote carried by South African photo-community site ormsconnect, East says that one of the reasons he enjoys shooting with the HD HERO2 is that ‘you don’t really know what you have shot until you get home and load [the pictures] onto the computer’. East compares shooting with his GoPro to being ‘almost like film’ in that respect.

Photo: David East Photo: David East

You can see more of David’s work (on various cameras, including the GoPro) at his website, davidjeast.wordpress.com 

Via www.ormsconnect.com



what’s up with those hipstagramstyle retouched snapshots? could you feature my nokia c2 retouched pictures just because they where taken with a old cellphone? or is there something special with this surfercam, marketing strategy?

Reg Ister

Wonderfull images ! wonderfull places, fantastic use of his camera.
Creativity wins over technics.


To all of those who respond here and say stuff about gear, resolution etc.. and not about the photography of this cool dude and his art… u r just technicians. that’s all. the photos are beautiful and different.

Dan Nikon

I sometimes use my Hero 3 black to get remote stills for some corporate work. Now, understand that these still have limited usability in terms of what one might customarily expect…think earlier camera phone shots. But like GoPro can not replace a RED, the stills can not replace those from say, a D800. The files do need more post processing as can clearly be seen here, but it is a start since the number one reason to use a GoPro for anything is alternate POV with a small and light footprint and for peanuts compared to a larger motion system.

So before you argue quality or it replacing a DSLR, think iPhone and how it has progressed, it will get better.


Pretty boring.


Too bad he did not have a real camera when he went to those awesome places. I guess something is better than nothing.


Aww… Poor art-inhibited pixel-peepers you two are. If you can’t see the difference in the work this guy produces with a go-pro vs a run-of-the-mill dslr or other cam you just don’t get it. If he had a “real” camera his work wouldn’t be featured for its uniqueness. Then again, if he had used a regular cam you could bash him for the technical data with his photos blown up 200x on your 30″ retina displays I guess.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/05/06/stills-photography-with-a-gopro