Deal 12: All dPS eBooks are $10

On the 12th day of Christmas dPS gave to me – $10 eBooks!

Over the last 11 days we’ve featured a number of dPS eBooks but there simply are not enough days to feature them all.

We know that some of you have been hoping that dPS eBooks we’ve not yet featured will be featured in a deal so today is that day!

So today you can pick up ANY dPS eBook not featured in the last 11 days for just $10!


That’s right – you can pick up any of these 10 dPS eBooks today at 50-66% off:

  • Photo Nuts and Bolts – Know your camera and take better photos
  • Photo Nuts and Shots – Tools and Techniques for Creative Photography
  • Photo Nuts and Gear – Know Your Gear and Take Better Photos
  • Photo Nuts and Post – Transform your photos with the power of post processing
  • Transcending Travel – A guide to captivating travel photography
  • Captivating Color – A Guide to Dramatic Color Photography
  • Photo Magic – Special Effects Photography Made Easy!
  • The Art of Self Portraiture – How to take Eye Catching Self Portraits
  • Click! – How to Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Kids
  • Kids Posing Guide – It’s like having a pro photographer by your side on your next shoot

Grab one or pick up a few here – but only in the next 24 hours.

But Wait – There’s 2 Bundle Deals!

If you’ve got your eye on a few eBooks we’ve put together two bundles – based upon what people tend to buy.

Photo Nuts Series Bundle – 4 eBooks for $25

Photo nuts

Our best selling series of Photo Nuts eBooks from Neil Creek bundled together at an amazing price.

Sell for $110 if you buy them all separately but today you can pick them up for just $25 as a bundle.

They cover everything from understanding your camera and other gear, getting creative control over your camera and transforming your photos with post processing.

This one is perfect for beginner photographers or those who are stuck in auto mode.

Secure this bundle and save 77% here for the next 24 hours.

Posing Guides – Our Kids Posing Guide and 67 Portrait Poses together for $15

Posing guides

This year we released two very popular posing products that are available today at 50% off.

  1. The Kids Posing Guide – contains 5 modules and introduces you to the topics of posing babies, toddlers, little kids, bigger kids and tweens. Each module contains a tutorial and 10 great poses for you to start with when photographing kids of that age group. The poses come as a printable PDF as well as a digital version to put on your phone or tablet device.
  2. 67 Portrait Poses – this set of poses was developed with renowned Aussie portrait photographer Gina Milicia and contains 7 sets of poses for photographing women, men, kids, groups, couples as well as poses for the corporate setting and lifestyle poses. Again each set comes as a printable PDF version as well as a digital version for your phone or tablet.
  3. These posing guides normally sell for $29.98 but are yours today for just $15.

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