Deal 4: Our Best Selling Portraits eBooks are $7 Each

Today we’re rolling out a deal that our team are very excited about – our best selling Portrait eBooks are just $7 each for the next 24 hours!

Portraits $7

Over the last couple of years we’ve worked with talented Aussie portrait photographer – Gina Milicia – to put together this comprehensive library of portrait eBooks.

There are four in the series that cover everything from taking your shots, lighting your subject, posing your subject through to processing your portraits.

Every time we’ve added to the series we’ve seen them push our servers to the limits so tonight we’re a little worried as we’ve never discounted all four of them this low at the same time!

These eBooks normally sell for $19.99 but are yours today for $7 – a saving of 65%.

Can’t Stop at Just One? Bundle Them!

Pick up any of the above eBooks for just $7 (USD) or… grab the full set for just $21 PLUS we’ll throw in our popular quick reference cookbook – 14 Recipes for Amazing Portraits as a bonus.


This great little cookbook is the perfect companion to the rest of the bundle and walks you through 14 portraits, how they were shot, how they were lit, how they were styled, the gear that was used etc.

That’s 5 eBooks worth close to $90 that are yours today for just $21.

Grab 1 for $7 or Buy the Lot – But Don’t Wait too Long!

Whether you pick up one of our portrait titles for $7 or pick up the full set for $21 – just be sure to get in before this deal is gone for good in just 24 hours time.

Invest in your portrait photography here.

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