DEAL: Photo Magic ebook Ė at the magic price of $7!

photomagic-363x448Itís the 4th of July and time for deal #4 in the dPS summer sale.

Today you can pick up a copy of our Photo Magic ebook for just $7 here!

At 65% off the normal price of $19.99, thereís no better way to learn the tricks and techniques for creating spectacular special effects images:

  • Zoom effect
  • 360 panorama
  • Flour hair flick
  • Light painting sparklers
  • Light painting steel wool
  • Little world
  • Mixing ambient and flash
  • Multiple exposures
  • Star trails
  • Water droplets

And best of all, you donít need expensive high-end equipment or advanced skills in Photoshop to pull these off ó they can all be done with the most basic DSLR.

Itís photography magic, at the magic price of just $7Ö for the next 24 hours only!

Get your 65% discount here.

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