Digital SLR Camera D810A

  • Offers smooth and enjoyable shooting with new functions specialized for astrophotography

    Long-exposure manual (M*) mode that supports shutter speeds as slow as 900 s

    In addition to the usual P, S, A, and M exposure modes, the D810A is equipped with a new long-exposure manual (M*) mode. The shutter speeds available in long-exposure manual mode differ from those available in normal M mode in that the 100-shot limit with continuous shooting is eliminated with exposure times of 4 s or longer. Users can select a shutter speed of 4, 5 ,8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 120, 180, 240, 300, 600, 900 s, or Bulb or Time, all of which support an unlimited number of shots with continuous shooting. Because the selected shutter speed represents the actual exposure time, calculation of total exposure time is simple, making this mode especially convenient for creating composite images using a lighten blending mode.

    Viewfinder display that considers nighttime photography

    Information necessary with shooting is displayed in the viewfinder so that images can be framed without taking your eye off the subject. In addition to shutter speed and aperture settings, a virtual horizon, which is always illuminated in red when enabled, can be displayed to help keep the camera level. Features like this allow the user to focus on shooting.

    A live view preview function that makes focusing and composing images easier with display of a preview at a shutter speed of 30 s when exposure time is longer than 30 s

    When exposure times longer than 30 s common with astrophotography are specified, a preview at a shutter speed of 30 s is shown in the live view display (preview exposure is not the same as that of the actual image). What’s more, just as with the D810, the live view display can be enlarged up to 23x, making precise focusing easier.

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