NewImageToday I’m excited to announce the launch of a new dPS eBook – Portraits Lighting the Shot – by Gina Milicia.

In January of this year we released a brand new Portraits eBook called Portraits: Making the Shot.

It was an ebook written by renowned Aussie celebrity portrait photographer Gina Milicia on the basics of how to shoot amazing portraits that reflect the true character of your subject.

The overwhelming response from readers of the eBook was that Gina had created a valuable resource that was helping thousands of photographers to improve their portraiture – but they wanted more.

One of the biggest requests that we’ve received since releasing ‘Making the Shot’ was for some teaching on ‘Lighting’ portraits.

Using light effectively can be the difference between a portrait that captures the true spirit of your subject and one that simply records a moment.

Based upon this feedback we immediately began work with Gina to create a guide to lighting portraits.

I’m pleased to announce that it is ready for you to download today at a limited time Early Bird price of just $14.99 (25% off).

What’s Covered in This eBook?

  • The Rules:  The ten golden rules to to live by (when lighting a portrait).
  • The Gear:  The gear you need, might need and actually don’t need.
  • The Way:  How to ‘see’ the light, by using the ‘force’ in a non nerdy way.  This section is GOLD.
  • The Style:  Understand Gina’s style, but importantly how to use all your new skills to create your own.
  • Troubleshooting:  How to handle those tricky lighting scenarios.
  • Building the shot:  Build your shot, one light at a time

Get full details on this valuable new eBook here or buy it directly by clicking the Download it Now button below.