Distinctly evolved: Fujifilm X-E2 review

@Butler, the GX7 shameful review continues to haunt dpr, and rightly so.
Your grand defence of the GX7 score being lower hinges on image quality. So I threw the E-M1 into your widget, and guess what? It scored higher on RAW IQ than the Fuji. Now guess what? The E-M1 has a Panasonic sensor. Hah!
You scored the Fuji above the GX7 for jpeg IQ, yet all the readers here say the fuji jpegs are bad. Hah!
You scored the Fuji way below the GX7 for video quality, but I guess that doesn’t count because there aren’t any images in video?
So every single aspect of your score on IQ grounds just got binned.
Widget says Fuji beats GX7 on Build Quality, but everyone says the Fuji is relatively flimsy and the GX7 tank-like (it is smaller and heavier, too).
Could go on, but no room in post.
An obvious series of blunders, running arguments with your readers, never a backwards step, staff defending other staff — I think dpr are meeting every definition of arrogance. I don’t suppose you agree, of course?

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/03/05/distinctly-evolved-fujifilm-x-e2-review