Dive in: Waterproof compact group test posted

Last year I tried the Olympus TG-2 which was one of the 2013 recommendations. I was really shocked about the bad image quality compared to any other camera (e.g. S95, TZ10, RX100, FZ38, some mFT-Bodies) I have used before.
The lens of the TG-2 is fast, but it’s so soft that open wide is unusable. The JPEG engine was also one of the bad ones.

I can not agree to the 2013 and this new 2014 comparison, because there is one really important feature which is a must for UW photography: RAW support. Without RAW the pictures will have heavy false colours and the UW programs will lead brownish or blueish color casts – depending on the distance to the subject.

After my bad experiences with the compact UW cameras, I tried a RX100 in a cheap housing (Meikon). The quality differences to the candidates is so big, that I can’t understand what cameras like a TG-2/TG-3 are good for.

Even a cheap Canon S95 in a cheap Meikon housing (my backup) is lightyears away from UW cameras like a TG-2/TG-3.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/06/17/waterproof-compact-group-test-2014