Do you Shoot in the Rain or Pack up at the First Drop?

In line with this week’s photography challenge, weather, I want to do a quick survey to see if you shoot in the rain or not.

I get a lot of questions from my students about shooting in the rain (or snow, or on the beach) and whether or not it will damage their camera. Of course that depends on the camera body you own (some are weather sealed, some are not – if you aren’t sure read your manual or check the manufacturer’s website), and the precautions you take.

Personally, I do get out in the rain and shoot. In fact this was done in the pouring rain in Melbourne (dPS headquarters) at the casino. I ducked under an overhang, covered up my camera and myself, and got puzzled looks from the passers by.

Photography of the Melbourne casino in the rain

So, my question for you is – do you brave it? Or do you play it safe?

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