Don’t Confuse Putting Up With Unreasonable Behavior With Customer Service

customerserviceI recently got the following reader question:

How do photographer’s protect themselves from properties not being ready to be photographed on scheduled dates/times?

I’m working on a project where I’m about to schedule my FOURTH trip for my client. Next time I work with this client, I’ll include an “as-is” clause in the quote as well as a mention of subsequent travel fees.

I’m losing money on this job. I’m not making a fuss because this is an amazing client. It’s my fault for not protecting myself ahead of time with an “as-is” production clause and the inclusion of travel fees. (note this client is an architect not a real estate agent).

Here is my response:

If you’ve made 4 trips you should be recovering your time and travel costs. There is no need to be abused by clients. If they do this to you they are not good clients. If you let them get by with this behavior they will continue to do it! My opinion is that common sense business practices require payment for your travel expenses even if it isn’t stated explicitly stated in your TOS.

These kind of things occur because of the clients involved are sloppy and not paying attention. Sure put warnings in your TOS but frankly these kind of clients will usually not pay attention to your TOS.

What you  think? Is making 4 trips because of client screw ups good customer service or enabling unreasonable behavior?

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