DPReview Gear of the Year Part 5: Canon Rebel SL1/100D

schmaud: I have an E-420 too (bought as new), but unfortunately I feel a bit differently about it these days.

When I bought it the options for small size and big sensor were it and the Sigma DP series – how things have changed! Within a year I added the Sigma 30/1.4, which gave it an excellent boost.

However, taking pictures today, it can’t keep up. I now have the Olympus E-P1 – which is considered to be a slow focuser with a noisy sensor.

However, compared to the 420 the P1 is a high-performance camera. The image has a chance of fitting into the dynamic range, there is none of that horrible high-ISO pattern noise, noise is lower overall, and the IS increases the chances of getting the shot further.

The worst-in-class viewfinder and AF complete the aged E-420 package. It’s still a good and feature-packed camera, apart possibly from the sensor. Time and competition have beaten it, however.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/12/11/dpreview-gear-of-the-year-part-5-canon-rebel-sl1-100d