DPReview Reader Showcase: The beautiful game

I’m a mirrorless camera user myself (NEX-6), and they did take big steps forward in the last few years – but as mentioned, they are still not “quite there”.
I believe a good photographer could do “good enough” with one of the recent models like the A-6000, X-T1, E-M1 or (sensor size aside) one of the Nikon 1’s; but the World Cup is at the highest level of competition for pro sports photography, where missing one chance at a photo could lose a lot of money. Therefore I completely understand the professionals don’t want to take the smallest risk and bring the “big guns” they have known for decades.
Also, some of the biggest advantages of mirrorless cameras (size and weight) don’t mean much when you attach a 300 mm f/2.8 lens…

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