DPReview Readers’ best shots of 2014

Very nice pictures all-around! Let this be a reminder to trolls and fanboys that THIS is what photography is about: no emphasis on what camery was used, just the end result as the photographer envisioned it.

@DPR: a pity that it isn’t possible to easily navigate though the pictures in a screen-filling format – having to click on every image to see it full-size and then closing the opened tabs again is very cumbersome. Also, I found the categories quite confused – I realize the mamoth task it must have been to make the selections, but the “things” and “places” categories put images together that have nothing in common. I’d have gone for the more traditional “People”, “Nature”, and “Urban”, or something along those lines. Nonetheless, thanks for the efforts!

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/0365483674/dpreview-readers-best-shots-of-2014