DSLR time-lapse images from the International Space Station


Austrian photography enthusiast Christopher Malin has produced a short film featuring time-lapse photography taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).ย The film is a tribute to the work of NASA astronaut Dr. Don Pettit, a keen photography aficianado, who uses an arsenal of Nikon DSLRs to document the unique perspective of Earth from high above it.

The video combines time-lapse footage that Malin has processed using (with permission) images taken aboard the ISS, with a lecture by Dr. Pettit in which he discusses the considerable challenges of photographing from space. Go to the 1:20 mark for a fascinating sequence that shows the opening of the viewing hatches on the ISS observation deck. At the 3:58 mark you get a look at six Nikon D3S bodies mounted inside the observation deck. And if you’ve ever struggled with unwanted reflections when shooting through glass, the challenges of photographing through four-pane windows high above the Earth that Dr. Pettit describes at the 5:01 mark should put your problems in perspective.



Amazing !!!


The Auroras and Lightning Storms are breathtaking.

City Lights have taken a new meaning from this angle.

I won’t complain shooting through a car windshield or jet window after this…

Those guys have to contend with 4 thick slabs and deal with flare and phantoms!



Who, more than an astronaut, know how our planet is little, unique and fragile ?


Great work!!

Ray Soares

Amazing footage! Makes me want to be there ๐Ÿ™‚


Outstanding images. Found Toronto Canada at 10:28 and 11:35. Ok, Toronto and just about every other city between Chicago and New York.


Just the most breathtaking wonderful thing to see, that work is such a gift to all of us.


Unbelievable!! Great great great!


oh gee, I’ve always wondered about the challenges of photographing from outer space!

I do like the video from a different perspective though: the simple beauty of something we never get to see.

Ahmet Aydogan

Whenever I read a story about ISS, or see photos or get to watch a video it makes my day. It always reminds me of the wonderful things humans are capable of and the simple curiosity and awe we can experience about the universe. These were wonderful images!

Aleo Veuliah

WOW. Great.


This is a very beautiful video! What would be interesting to me is to see what the video and images looked like prior to the “post-processing” of this video so as to see the differences. Thank you much for providing this video. I’ll bet its nice to be in a vibration free environment.


Really amazing & inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚




Wow that is one specialized type of photography I am sure I could never be a part of.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/03/13/dslr-images-space-station