DxOMark Mobile report: Sony Xperia Z2 takes top spot

First of all dxomark is the world’s best professional camera reviewers. If they give a camera device whether it is a smartphone, dslr, mirrorless, or point and shoot a good score.. That means that one particular device truly has great image quality!

And if i’m not mistaken, dpreview and dxomark are actually partners.. Am I right?

No, they are not biased and calling them rubbish is just downright preposterous. It is you who just don’t understand their measurements in assessing image quality, in case you don’t know their industry standard test consists of taking 450-500+ pictures both in studio and in real life conditions. And they assess cameraphones in 8MP equivalent values, not in full resolution that one particular smartphone has.

Most of the pixel peepers only count noise levels, texture preservation, and sometimes artifacts in assessing image quality. And yes, 808 is better than Z2 in those regards, beating it with scores of 84 and 88 whereas Z2 has a score of 83 and 84. And 808 also scores far greater than Z2 in terms of image artifact with a score of 89 whereas Z2 only has a score of 68. And if you assess a image quality based on those 3 factors alone, then yes 808 is superior to Z2.

But in terms of exposure and autofocus, 808 loses badly to Z2.. (78 vs 88) and (73 vs 84) and those factors make 808 overall image quality is the same as Z2.

Also that overall rating represents a combination of photo score and video score.. And see for yourself, 808’s video capability is inferior to Z2.

And here is their measurements to overall score =(overall photo score * 2/3) + (overall video score * 1/3)

Z2: (81*2/3) + (73*1/3) = 79.09 -> 79
808: (81*2/3) + (68*1/3) = 77.39 -> 77

Hopefully that clears up your suspicions.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/04/08/dxomark-mobile-report-sony-xperia-z2-takes-top-spot