Dynamic range and Noise pages added to Sony RX1R Preview


We’re working on Sony’s flagship compact camera, the 24MP RX1R, and as part of our usual testing we’ve updated our preview with noise and noise-reduction analysis, and our standard page looking at dynamic range. This is in addition to our studio comparison scene pages, and a real-world samples gallery showing just what the RX1R – which lacks an AA filter – can do. Click the links below to go to our updated preview.



I’m wainting for an rx10 – apsc version of this beauty 🙂


Sony is a top innovator. This is one of the results. Their decisive sensor technologies are another and for a long time. the example of their RX 100 update is what I call The update. They are not alone it stands to reason but they really are a standout for me.


I can think of a list about 8 items long that would have made it a better update. Don’t be so easily impressed when spending 3k on a camera- I say.

This isn’t to say the RX1R isn’t a nice camera as is, it certainly is, but as a successor, it could be improved upon quite a bit.



Apart from the RX 100 update and from the other I mention I mean the RX1. I see the ‘R’ insignificant yet a nice version of the RX1.


“This highlight capability is paid for in the shadows, where the RX1R clips to black rather sooner than some of its rivals.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the graph would appear to indicate that the only camera that doesn’t clip to black as soon as the RX1R is the D600.

Barney Britton

There are more cameras on heaven and earth, my dear Horatio, than the three we’ve picked in the default comparison window 😉


You can’t pick and compare Sigma’s recent cameras that have far better image quality at lower ISOs (what most people shoot at) and at fraction of the price. Why is that?


Correction Michael : the Pentax 645 knocks it into a cocked hat


I stand corrected 😉
The 645 appears to be equal to the D800 & D600. Olympus E-M5 appears to be better at not clipping to black than all of those cameras. Am I missing something again (is gradation normal equivalent to DRO off & ADL off)?
Are there any cameras that beat the RX1R in terms of not clipping to white?


If the idea was previously buying this camera, okay, buy the RX1R(maybe), but if the idea was evolve of the previous model, it is better to be quiet and stay with the previous model.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/07/04/noise-and-dynamic-range-added-to-sony-rx1r-preview