Edelkrone launches collapsible PocketSkater 2 for DSLR videographers

While cool and (presumably) functional, neither the VidPro nor the Monoprice even remotely fit in a pocket. Both have very simple designs, and I seriously doubt the manufacturing requires sophisticated parts design and molding like Edelkrone.

Both designs are cookie cutter designs using skateboard wheels. OTOH, Edelkrone is a second generation design with many optimizations (custom mini wheels, custom three wheel design, custom compact folding form factor, and industrial strength aluminum parts).

I have no affiliation with Edelkrone except as a satisfied customer… including their 1G dolly. I shall be asking myself whether to upgrade to their 2G dolly. Edelkrone supports their products extremely well with highly personal and generous service, e.g., when they ship an incorrect accessory, they are likely to ask you to keep it (their mistake) and they ship the proper item immediately.

Edelkrone builds innovative (not cookiecutter), industrial strength products… and loyalty.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/7048403496/edelkrone-launches-collapsible-pocketskater-2-for-dslr-videographers