Editorial: 2014’s Homepage Highlights

Nice summary. Thank you. Keep doing the videos and the readers’ showcases.

Biggest personal highlight (or perhaps realization) was when I picked up a Fuji X-T1 and an Apha 7 at B&H and hefted them in comparison to a Canon 5D Mark III. 2015 will be the year mirrorless makes a big dent in the market for big DSLRS.

But Barney, that’s an old joke in Slide 13: “Oh, Photokina… warm sausage, cold potato salad and beer that tastes like someone drank it once already,” attributed to Damien Demolder in 2008. I heard it in 1986 in slightly different form from an English colleague: “America beer: English beer after it’s been processed by the human body.” Probably originated shortly after the start of beer brewing (Egypt & Mesopotamia, 5th Millennium BC).

No complaints… another fine year of helping us sort through the changes in photographic technology and technique. And you can be sure we’re reading what you folks write.

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