Eric Kim: 10 lessons William Klein has taught me about street photography


We love the work of LA-based street photographer Eric Kim, and we’re big fans of his regularly-updated blog. In this 2-page article, originally published on his website, Eric explains how the work of famed street photographer William Klein has taught him valuable lessons that inform his own outlook, and his photography.

Although he trained as a painter, William Klein is best known as a photographer. As well as becoming an internationally-recognized street photographer, Klein also achieved fame as a fashion photographer and commercial and documentary filmmaker. In 2012, Klein received the Outstanding Contribution to Photography Award at the annual Sony World Photography Awards.



Interesting read. Wouldn’t mind seeing more photography articles here.

Btw. What’s up with all the asterisks in the article?


Look at Eric Kim, just prancing about with a piano in his mouth. Wrong side of the camera in my opinion.


The article is a good roll up of William Klein which may prompt first hand reading of his published material. In turn, the reader can get their own takeaways.


Still waiting to see my first good street photography image.


That first photo reminds me of the old adage “First establish a rapport with your subject.”

bed bug

Some of the images are blurry, some are out of focus, some have very strange compositions…yet they all work!

Excellent article DPR, thanks for posting.



Yup that’s street, one of photography’s purest forms. If some of mine arent oof, or blurry, or strangely composed, then I have failed.

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