Extra images added to Sony Cyber-shot RX1R Samples Gallery


We’ve just added several more photographs to our gallery of real-world samples from the new Sony Cyber-shot RX1R. The RX1R shares the same feature set and sensor as its forebear the RX1, but its 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor lacks an AA filter for additional sharpness. We’ve been impressed by the RX1R’s image quality as we work through our usual studio and real-world testing, and we’ve added more samples (both JPEG and converted Raw) to our previously-published gallery for you to take a look at. 

Sony Cyber-shot RX1R Updated Samples Gallery

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Unless otherwise noted images taken with no particular settings at full resolution.

Sony Cyber-shot RX1R Samples Gallery – Updated July 24th 2013



They look good. I much preferred the more neutral sky colours of the ACR processed shots, with the exception of that last (blue hour) shot.

Neal Hood

Mighty good. Whew! Too bad this camera cost so much.

bakhtyar kurdi

It is almost as good as Nokia Lumia 41MP, yes it is amazing, and the price is good compared to Leica, it is a dream pocket full frame camera, but my pocket is not deep enough, may be I get a $800 Sigma DP2Merrill instead, at low ISO and on tripod I can get as much as or more resolution out of it.
Are they going to release a changeable lens version someday?

Princess Leia

Amazing ISO 5000


No wooden grip?

David Fell

Patience Padawan – its coming… then you can buy one, Yay!


The samples are great. Clearly this is a great FF pocket camera. And that is perhaps its greatest asset – good quality pocket camera. But the truth of the matter is if you don’t have deep pockets and other more versatile equipment you will always be wishing that you did. For me as much as I like what I have seen about this camera I would choose something with more flexibility if I could only have one camera system.


Is new Ricoh FF coming up? Ricoh already upset Nikon and now Sony is shaking….maybe just my wish…
BTW superb IQ!


Did i miss this? New APSC camera but not FF ……… at least not that i knew of.


I was kidding…


Sony shaking? nope I don’t think so 😉


It might matter if Sony could make money from electronics like the old days. Buy they can’t and they don’t (N.Y. Times):


Thanks for the link. It makes you wonder how long Sony will keep making electronics when the division loses 8.5 Billion per year.


Well, Pentax has made a habit of reusing parts (sensors, AF-modules,…) throughout their range lately.
If they finally release a FF-DSLR, they could do the same and make a FF Ricoh GR (sensor, CDAF, … ?).
The RX1 could certainly use some competition to bring down prices…


Regardless what that article says, it is not with cameras or video cameras that Sony electronic division is hurting. They won’t be leaving any time soon.


Exactly Sony is making profit in cameras so no reason for them to stop making them. They are heavily losing in the television arena as they still think they make the best TVs when Samsung and LG are equally as good or even better in some instances.

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