Eye for an ‘i’: Canon EOS Rebel T6i review posted

Friends/family often ask about which camera to buy (as they do, when you’re a photographer), when they’re looking for a ‘DSLR’ it’s very difficult to justify an entry level one over a mirrorless camera now. I’m just not sure what they’re bringing to the market in that particular sector.

The likes of Fuji, Sony, Panasonic etc now have more than adequate continuous AF, no potential focus issues, full AF/control via the LCD, extremely good kit lens and a usefully smaller form factor.

It’s only the perceived ‘professionalism’ of a DSLR that puts them on people’s radars in the first place, that and the bigger must mean better mentality still quite prevalent in the U.S. (Asia has embraced mirrorless in the entry level sector).

For all the talk of the big guns such as the Sony a7RII, I think the entry level market is where mirrorless already has the edge on DSLRs for the vast majority of potential purchasers, they just don’t necessarily know it just yet.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/articles/6713953643/canon-eos-rebel-t6i-review-posted