Fair use? US stamp featuring photo of monument nets sculptor $650,000

a war veteran at the age of 88 getting greedy?, what the heck, his sculpture is based on real people who fought the war beside him, i bet he wont share one single penny with those soldiers even if they claim some copyright infringmint of their own 😉 .

Gaylord, you are a real war hero and a patriot.dont let your age and a lawyer take over your senses,and by the way kick the lawyer´s as** who put you on to this shameless act ;-).

in anycase ,Postal service, you made real money on that pic, donate some of it to the war Veterans.

and John Alli ,stop being a silly copycat , trying to sell photos of someone else´s artwork?you thought no one will notice? eh? 😉
the greedy ol´granpa is still awake and watchin ya ;-))..

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2013/09/29/fair-use-sculptor-gets-650-000-from-photograph-of-his-work