Fast and portable: Using the Apple MacBook Air in a pro workflow

Not as much of an advertorial read as the comments would have me believe, but not that critically thought out either… Seems like the number one purpose for your Air is shifting files around with little editing (at least on the scenarios discussed), in which case the MBA 11 would work just as well… Heck a Surface Pro or even an IPad might be more mobile for that purpose, without “having to find a flat purpose” or tucking card readers between display and keyboard as you described (why not just disable sleep on display close btw?).

I’m not sure how easy it is to import RAW files into an iPad, it’s pretty simple to do over USB OTG on modem Android tablets though (and obviously over faster USB 3.0 on a Surface Pro). For sending them out online via Dropbox, USB 2.1 wouldn’t be a bottleneck, your Wifi/connection would be the slowest link… Obviously for other scenarios like quickly showing proofs to a client USB 3.0 would be a huge boon.

I actually had no clue the recent MB/MBA had high speed SD readers… I’m sure they’re just wired over USB 3.0 internally (rather than 2.1 as they’d been for years), but I think that’s still pretty uncommon outside of Apple. Very interesting, kind of a small but overlooked advantage. Apple’s battery life edge is worth praise too, and it’s something they’ll always have by virtue of having less systems to optimize their OS for. It’s more of a factor in usage cases that involve plenty of idle time, but that’s a lot of usage cases.

For actual photo editing the Air is still woefully under spec’d compared to the competition or even the rest of Apple’s lineup though. A 1440×900 TN display with lower color accuracy on a $1,000-1,500 system is inexcusable at this point. That display was pretty solid when the Air first launched but you can now find plenty of $1K systems with higher quality and more accurate 1920×1080 IPS displays (or even higher res if you go up the price scale, all the way to the retina MBs obviously).

I have a feeling Apple will get around to addressing that this year, just kind disappointing they’ve been pushing super high end high DPI displays on the regular MBP while ignoring the MBA entirely, decent 1080p (or even 1920×1200) displays aren’t hard to source and they don’t bring a large performance impact like the “retina” displays do. They’re just trying to milk higher profits out of the Air since it’s probably one of their best sellers.

No love for the NEX btw? At least it looks like that’s what you used in the Radio City job (if that photo at the start is from said job). I was surprised it’s alluded to as a “compact digicam” or a non-DSLR in an article that’s all too eager to name/brand drop elsewhere. Just saying… No dog in this fight btw (Windows/Android/iOS & M43 user here).

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