Father’s family photos capture the delightful chaos of youth

gandu. I’m not a parent, I’m photographer, and I do digital b/w quite rarely, even less often than I do b/w film. And I did not forget what it is to be an analog kid, despite I’m beyond thirty now and quite digital. What can I say here… Sally Mann or not, Russian mum or not, these pictures are cool. VERY cool. They wouldn’t gain or lose anything from being or not being color and THAT’s what matters. And equipment… well, without incredible AF and super-high sensitivity of modern camera he probably couldn’t get some of these pictures. And, well, you remember that being talented is quite a labor anyway, being famous in photography now is nearly impossible, at least statistically. Add children to this equation, not to mention six children, and you’ll get someone close to national hero. I guess that he is very cool dad, too: not any child would allow his parent to witness a dialog with a frog. This guy shoots excellent pictures and he has balls, in any meaning. I really envy his kids.

Source Article from http://www.dpreview.com/news/2014/03/26/father-s-family-photos-capture-the-delightful-chaos-of-youth