For starters: Nikon D3300 review

Nice, light, quite interesting DSLR. Yes, there are “more exciting” cameras. However, given a choice, I’d pick Nikon any time any day. Just think about it for a moment.

In the past 2 years, Sony has started and buried a whole new line of cameras, and is now burying one of the oldest mounts.

In the past 10 years Canon has started EF-S, then EF-M, and didn’t do much good with any of them.

Even Samsung already introduced NX Mini in addition to barely breathing NX mount.

The only two mounts with hundreds of legacy lenses are Nikon F and Pentax K. For better or for worse, Nikon respects their customers’ habits, providing them with cameras to use their lenses with. And consistency is the sign of class.

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