Fotodiox pays ‘homage’ to Hasselblad Stellar with wooden grip for Sony RX100 series

AND Hasselblad was making their own SONY RX 100 II, the Stellar, with a grip, made of wood or other materials. $2,395 ….. Sony’s camera sells for $650 so the Hasselblad grip and H logo name added $1750 to the price. **Apparently, it has been discontinued** …. lack of sales perhaps?

Sounded like a bargain: The Hasselblad Stellar (RX100 II) features a titanium finish rather than a black one, a big “H” logo on the front, and a deep, contoured handgrip that’s missing from Sony’s version of the camera. The grip is available in your choice of carbon fiber or wood.,2817,2472739,00.asp

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