Free Info-graphic That Illustrates The Redfin Professional Real Estate Photography Study

infographic-good-photos-thumbRemember the 2010 Redfin Study that I’m always preaching about? Robert Preville, an on the ball Wilmington, NC Realtor has created a great little info-graphic that summarizes the Redfin study, the WSJ article on the study and a related NAR study and is giving it a way at his website. As I told Robert, I’m embarrassed that I didn’t think of this! As a reminder, the sources of data for the info-graphic are the following:

I think Robert’s free graphic is a great marketing tool to use on Realtor websites or real estate photographers websites.

As I was writing this post I clicked on the Robert’s listing that he has linked to his page where he is giving away the info-graphic and noticed that the listing photos had a bad case of verticals and bad barrel distortion. I pointed that out to Robert and fixed the photos for him. This is a great example of the fact that it’s important for Realtors and photographers to know what effective real estate photos look like and not just assume that because you pay someone to take real estate photos the photos will look professional. This is exactly what my free PDF, What Realtors Need to Know About Photography is for. It lists the 10 things that make real estate photos professional. It’s more than just using a DSLR. Perhaps Robert and I should give away my PDF and his graphic together. Robert says he’s like to do that so we’ll probably do that soon.

Thanks Robert for creating this graphic and sharing with everyone! It is great to find a Realtor that is passionate about real estate photography!

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