FroKnowsPhoto guide to DSLR video now available

He’s just another guy trying to make a buck. I don’t see where that is wrong in any way. Would I buy it or recommend buying it? NO! And why?

… yes, the same old, because there are guys, guys like you, me, the others out there doing photography and videography for fun and passion, who gladly share their experience, knowledge and even secrets with the world for free, because they simply enjoy what they do and don’t try to make a buck on a beginner or a fellow enthusiast.

So, in the end, it’s a free choice. Pay for something you can (!!!) research and learn on your own (even photo/video camera makers are putting out some useful stuff for beginners for free), get into the action and develop yourself with online help, or buy stuff that you’ll regret in a week because you realize there is NOTHING (!!!) there that you, yourself, could not come up with that others had done so before you and shared all that with the world for free!

And that’s NOT about being cheap but being resourceful! 🙂

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