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onlooker, i do not like all the ‘humor’ Jared does, i dont like his hairs 🙂 – sorry Jared – i would never ever have hairs 1/10th longer than that!, some things he does or says i will never do it, still it’s positive stuff, all to support his passion = photography, thats all that matters to me, his style is fine 🙂

in everyday life you see such people with a stuck angry face no matter what you do, they were born angry, i myself like more this relaxing mood (because at work we get tired enough that at home i dont need more angry-serious faces repeating 101% the words of a book, we need some ‘different acting while still talking about a certain subject =p.graphy.

if someone sees it differently, instead than spitting in this thread why not just sign up for a local course or go to the library, saving time, saving anger, people needs to spit out their anger otherwise they are gonna explode (heres the sample)

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